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Friday, September 7, 2012

Out of Controversy Comes the Light

It is a wonderful thing when you experience an “a-ha moment”, but when you share that moment and it enlightens others as well… the “a-ha” is so much more than a personal light bulb coming on… you are sharing the light with others.

 Out of Controversy Comes the Light


 “I don’t believe in organized religion.” Who knew this statement could get so twisted, so judged and so enlightening…

First of all, I wish to express the very important lesson of listening and comprehension. I stated “…organized religion”, I did not state, “I don’t believe in God.” Those are two separate topics.

God is the label given to the ultimate super power of the world. I do believe in God, the higher power, the Spirit, the Universal Power, Allah, or whatever label one chooses.

God is not the religion of Christian, Hindu, Mormon, Catholic, Judaism, etc. Religions are labels of organized groups defining how one should believe, worship and praise God, not God itself.

So, when I made the statement, “I don’t believe in organized religion.” I was stating I don’t believe in the many different groups of rules and protocol on how one is to believe, worship and praise God. It is that simple.

When I heard the follow-up question… “So, what are you?” I was a bit surprised and I will admit, irritated. I felt that I was being cornered in defending my beliefs and myself as if by not believing in religion I was less of … wait for it…. A human being.

Just because I do not claim a religious group or label my beliefs as a type or style of belief, does not make me any less human, any less of a person, or a non-believer in God.

Let me ask you… How many people do you know, including yourself, have claimed to be of a religious group simply because that is what was taught in youth? “We don’t go to church but we are Baptist.” Or how about as a child, we go to church with our parents, but as we get older, we decide we no longer want to go. However, we still claim we “belong” to the religion.

A label does not make the person and we do not belong to religion.

When discussing this with a few friends, I received replies from, “that’s true”, to “I never thought about it like that” and “wow, so it is ok that I don’t go to church and practice the Catholic faith, I still believe in God.”  

It is not the way you believe, but that you believe…

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